Sunday, February 13, 2011


Wow it's been way to long since our last post. The newest thing that has happened to Jesse and I is that we got a puppy. Her name is Ricochet, she is a mix of a Pomeranian and a Miniature Pincher. We got her when she was about 8 weeks old from a good friend, Cindy Armstrong. She was the only gold puppy out of the litter that was delivered, there were 3 others that are all brown. She has been so much fun to have around! Here are a few pictures of our little bundle of joy :)

In this picture she was about 5 weeks old, so we were just visiting her because she wasn't old enough to take home yet.

She was so tiny. I couldn't believe that something could be that small.

Jennifer absolutely adored her!

She loves to cuddle

Jesse and Ricochet

Yes..... she does sleep with us! And surprisingly she's really good with our schedule. Jesse and I are definitely night owls. We stay up until 3 and sleep until noon. We were a little worried when we got a puppy that we were going to have to change that, but Ricochet will stay up until 2-3 and sleep until we wake up!

Sleepy puppy... and people

Jesse works out with her! It's the funniest thing because she'll just sit there until he's done.

Workin the triceps

One day she decided that she didn't like our couch... so she ripped it up. Luckily we don't really care about that couch.

All of the cotton that she pulled out of the couch... that's a good puppy :)

Jesse tells me that he cheats on me with a cute little blonde haha


It's funny cause she looks like the puppy on the front of her shampoo :) cute!

Ricochet loves taking baths!

She loves her back getting scrubbed

Getting all soapy

Time to dry off

We absolutely love having Ricochet!! She has been so much fun and not to mention she's really cute!


  1. She's super cute! I wish we could have pets where we live.

  2. She is so cute ASH!!! So presh. I want to come up and see her and visit you! I miss you like crazy girl! <3