Thursday, May 26, 2011

In with the NEW!!

For the past month, Jesse and I have been sitting on this extremely comfortable, modern and plush couch....... I don't know if it's even considered a couch:

It hasn't been too bad mainly because I always beat Jesse to the couch for a movie, so he's usually the one on the camping chair :) We decided that we needed to upgrade our furniture. So here is what we're sitting on now....................................PLUSH:

Update on Ricochet lately: Ricochet has been longing to be outside ALL THE TIME! She whines and whines until I take her out, and as soon as we get back she immediately wants to go back out. Since I can't take her on 10 walks a day she does this for the majority of the day:

Jesse and I crack up at her because she has this little personality that is so cute and very "Princess-like"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boxing Puppy

Ricochet is obsessed with her toy duck, so Jesse decides to take it and this is what Ricochet does when she tries to get it back:

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Jesse and I recently got back from a trip to DisneyWorld with my family. This was a very fun trip! Every single day, from 7 a.m.-11:30, was packed with exciting things. This will definitely be a trip that we will never forget!

We went on a Safari trip.

At Animal Kingdom

This is the view from our condo that we stayed at. It was very pretty. the entire time that we were in Florida, the weather was was a little too hot. The whole time it was around 80 degrees.

Going to see A Bug's Life!

Kevin, Casey and little baby Braxton.

Close to the last day we were there, we went to Epcot. I love Epcot! It was so fun seeing all the different countries.

Visiting Germany while at Epcot.