Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

I love Father's Day because we get to honor those
men in our lives that do so much
for us!

My dad has been a man who has always put family first,
worked hard for his wife and for his children. I
love my dad so much and I'm so glad that there is a day in the year that
is set aside from all the other days to recognize our fathers
and all that they do! Happy Father's Day dad. We love
you so much!!

To my compassionate and hardworking Father-in-law
Noel. Words cannot express how excited and proud I am to be a part
of a wonderful family with a father
who is a great role model! A man who is very kind and generous, a man
who cares so deeply about his family.
Jesse and I love you so much! Thank you for all you do!!

And last but definitely not least I want to thank my wonderful husband for all that
he does. He is so thoughtful and good to me.
I know that the day that we have kids, he's going to make
the best father in the world.
I love you SWEETIE!

Happy Father's Day to every father or husband around the world

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